How can a waterbed help alleviate the pain of a herniated disc?

By | April 6, 2019

Long Beach is not a problem on a waterbed. Moreover, waterbeds were once developed to prevent bedsores in hospital patients. The water in a waterbed ensures that the pressure of the mattress is distributed well on the body. This makes a waterbed very comfortable and always provides exactly the right support. The hardness of the water mattress is adjustable over the amount of water. This is a big advantage over standard mattresses.

A waterbed can thus be a solution for people suffering from a back or neck herniated disc. In this overview you will find out why:

If you suffer from a herniated disc, heat can have a positive effect. Heat can help relax the muscles around your disc. And when your muscles are relaxed, you usually have less pain.

With a waterbed, you can not only adjust the temperature of the water. You can also choose how hard or soft your mattress must be. This can be a solution if you suffer from a herniated disc because it may be that you need a slightly harder mattress, for example.

Especially if you have back or neck pain, it is important that the pressure on the body is well distributed, but your shoulders and waist can sink in enough to assume a natural posture without painful pressure points. A waterbed provides this conformity and adjustable hardness for proper support.

Treatment of a herniated disc

In many cases, a (slight) herniated disc goes away by rest and exercises. Only when no cure is visible, doctors will intervene. If you have a persistent herniated disc, do not wait too long for a mattress change if you wake up in the morning with pain. This is an indication that your herniated disc does not heal well.

If you have a herniated disc in your neck, changing the pillow can also help to relieve tension in the neck. Here, a somewhat firmer and dimensionally stable cushion with the correct height is usually recommended. This will help prevent you from sinking too deep into your pillow during sleep, causing tension.Our company is known by the best online mattress companies.