All about beds:

By | April 6, 2019

Solid wood beds: traditional and good

The good old solid wood bed is the classic among the beds and has been offering people a good place to sleep for centuries. A bed of real solid wood is extremely stable and therefore very durable. In addition, such a bed is a real piece of nature and therefore popular with nature lovers. Also, the natural look of the wooden beds is visually appealing to most people and it offers a choice of light and dark woods in various gradations, so there is the right color for virtually any furnishing style.

Metal beds: romantic sleeping arrangements

The metal beds are often associated with romantic nights. Apart from that, they are extremely robust and durable because of the metal. If the metal construction is well constructed, it can be damaged only with difficulty. The care of the metal beds is very easy – wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. Visually, the metal beds are very adaptable, with the matching blankets, pillows, and decorations, they fit in any environment. Buy tempurpedic bed now.

Natural flair

The rattan palm lianas are ideal raw materials for furniture production: Nowadays, rattan is used to make beds, chairs, armchairs and more. Because the material is on the one hand very robust, but on the other hand also extremely light, so that a rattan bed can be moved without much effort.

Loom beds: dark elegance

Loom is a metal wire that is wrapped in Kraft paper. Most of the beds are made Loom dark and therefore look very stylish and noble. The material is extremely durable and is braided – just like the rattan. Therefore, here too, the quality of weaving is of great importance. Loom beds should not have large or irregular gaps. Properly braided, the resulting furniture is elastic and very durable.

Leather beds: Noble sleeping companion

Beds made of leather are probably the most luxurious beds in our range. The modern look makes it a real focus for every bedroom. Even leather beds are usually very stable, but the leather surface, despite its resilience is not prepared for anything and must, therefore, be maintained accordingly. Especially white leather beds should be well protected from stains.